You Are Not Your Market

Here’s a look at one industry as an example of how some dealers corporate marketing efforts might miss their demographics.


Industry statistics

Autonews reported in 2014 that Millennials surpass Generation X in new car sales: Those aged 22 to 39 account for 26% of new car sales. reported in 2015 that one in four cars were purchased by those aged 39 to 49. cited a 2015 U.S. Automotive Media & Marketing Report that nearly 70% of new vehicle customers access social media networks and apps.

In 2014, WardsAuto cited a DME automotive survey that only 16% of the 2000 queried never took a test drive.

An April 17, 2015, a Money article showed an Accenture survey (10,000 respondents) that 3/4 would opt for having the entire vehicle buying process to be done online, without having to visit a dealership.

Out of 4002 who were surveyed for Autotrader, only 17 actually liked the current car buying process. posted in February 2015 that the majority of vehicle dealerships do not syncronize their offline marketing with their offline marketing and that shoppers do not spontaneously land on a dealership’s website.

Consumer statistics

PEW State of the Media 2015 states that nearly 1/2 of all web-using adults get their news on Facebook.

72% of all online adults use Facebook, 82% are aged 18 to 29; 79% are 30 to 49.

31% of adult online users are on Pinterest, 37% are under 50.

28% of adult Internet users are on Instagram.

30% of Internet using adults under age 50 are on Twitter.

Social Media Today stated in 2015 that 3.175 billion, nearly half the world’s population, is on the Internet.

2.206 billion are active in social media.

3.734 billion are mobile device users.

1.925 billion use their mobile devices for social media.

There are 2 million smartphones purchased daily worldwide.

Half a million new users join Facebook daily.