Native Sun has developed a comprehensive training program for organizations that need help with navigating digital media with their marketing efforts.

We provide customized training for your business that includes instructor-led virtual training, classroom-based, on-the-job training, self-paced e-learning, and mobile learning. 

There are three levels of training:

  • A complete training for the marketing/sales/community manager staff members.
  • A foundational level, which will be a shorter time for instruction, offering a general overview for valet and floor staff, office and other ground level positions so that the entire operation is in sync.
  • Training for the upper level management so they can understand the concepts and how the entire organization can benefit.


Everyone in the organization should have the option to take the full and comprehensive course. For example, a manager may want to learn more so he or she can participate directly alongside the staff in promoting the organization.

To achieve success in combining online venues with the brick and mortar, staff have to be aware of not just who their customers are, but how they access information and what their motivations are for participating.


The curricula incorporates instruction in public relations, communications, digital media, and marketing. It breaks down step-by-step how to set up and maintain each platform.


Native Sun recognizes that platforms and media are ever changing, so it has factored in scheduling updates into the program.


Native Sun will give you the tools you need to create a loyal and long-term audience. Our curriculum includes:

  • Long-term planning
  • Production/maintenance of a narrative across multiple platforms
  • Activity planning
  • Creation and review of a social media calendar
  • Creation and upload to social media platforms
  • Social outreach
  • Analytics
  • Taking action on leads, connections, and comments
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Creating strategies
  • Building a web presence
  • Cross promotions (digital to land-based operations)

Facilitating Workshops

Half-day: ideal for support staff

Full-day: ideal for management

Four-day: for marketing, public relations, and sales staff

Connect with us to learn more about our comprehensive training program: 
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